Research Projects

As part of the Foundation’s mission to develop educational resources for Somaliland’s students, we actively conduct on biodiversity in collaboration with local and international partners. Our current projects include:

Documenting Somaliland’s Biodiversity. The Foundation is developing collections of plants and arthropods, and plans to expand the collections to cover all taxa. These collections allow us to document the diversity of Somaliland’s biota, map its biogeography, and teach students about taxonomy.

Ecology of the Frankincense Forests. Frankincense, produced by Boswellia trees, is Somaliland’s third largest export and the major livelihood for thousands of people. Despite this, very little is known about the status, population sizes or densities of the trees. The Foundation is partnering with Conserve the Cal Madow to investigate the status of the trees, seedling propagation, and flora associated with these forests.


We welcome collaboration with other researchers to investigate Somaliland’s biodiversity and build resources in the country. Contact us to discuss research ideas